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Here at Where-to-swim we are passionate fans of swimming laps. It may be because its easy to get tan and fit at the same time and Where-to-swim can help you locate swimming pools with lap swimming around Santa Rosa. Additionally, lap swimming is a free way to catch up on the latest swimming news and talk to other swimmers. If you are dead set on finding the best Santa Rosa swimming pool then check out our amazing pool finder widget to discover places to go lap swimming. We love lap swimming, maybe even more than discovering epic new pools, so its no shock we are frequently sneaking around new construction projects to see if they have pools or hot tubs. Surprisingly this technique did not pay off but we still get most of our pools from our online community of lap swimmers and water polo players. If you have already been to every lap swimming pool in Santa Rosa that you know of and you want to know which swimming pools are the highest rated around Santa Rosa then enter in your city, state or zip.

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